Welcome to Human Edge

We are a longevity science company with the vision of democratising the healthspan of the workforce across the globe. Founded in 2020 by Dr Marcus Ranney, Human Edge has an enterprise-first approach through which we offer corporations individualised solutions for the wellbeing of their human capital using science, data, and technology. We help our enterprise partners create a corporate culture that drives human excellence. 

 We do by helping corporates optimise the energy levels of their workforce, at work, home, and play—so that peak performance and work-life balance never have to compete with each other. But how do we make this happen? The secret lies in our proprietary biohacks developed by EdgeExperts who use data streams from wearables and biomarkers from blood panels shared by the user to create personalised solutions.

Fuelled By Science, Run By Experts

We optimise energy of individuals—right down to the cellular level—using the Edge Pillars Of Health: SLEEP, MOVEMENT, FUEL, ENVIRONMENT, and EMOTIONS. User data  help us map energy levels and prescribe biohacks, the outcome of which is measured by analysing shifts in biomarker data that represents the energy states of an individual. These individualised biohacks are actually prescriptions featuring actionable lifestyle interventions.

Our team of EdgeExperts, which includes world-class scientists, renowned doctors and mental health experts, and performance coaches help drive the biohacks. Small incremental shifts in lifestyle, these biohacks—adopted under the guidance of the experts—have helped our enterprise partners build a workforce with better resilience towards stress, increase in productivity and energy levels, and better overall health.  

Backed by Investors

In 2022, Human Edge raised over USD 1.5 million in seed funding—backed by Bharat Innovation Fund, as well as Lead Angels, Force Ventures, and a number of other strategic angel investors from Singapore, Japan, USA, and India.

With over 45 clients across the United States and Asia-Pacific region—particularly in the BFSI, IT, marketing services, and professional services sectors—Human Edge is gearing up to scale, looking at a Series A funding round in 2023

About the Founder

A champion of wellbeing, Dr Marcus Ranney is a big believer of leveraging the power of digital biomarkers to hack the human operating system—priming it for a longer healthspan. He launched Human Edge with the aim of helping white collar employees be the best version of themselves—health, brain, and body—regardless of the challenges at the workplace.

From sick care to wellbeing, Dr. Ranney’s career journey over the past two decades has led him from the patient’s bedside to a wider stage as he now creates global impact by democratising the healthspan of the workforce via Human Edge. A published bestselling author, keynote speaker, digital talk show host, and public health commentator, he has been a World Economic Forum’s Global Shaper and a Senior Fellow to the Atlantic Council.

Better health. Better leadership. Better business

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