Case Studies

GSK: Empowering Leaders With Optimised Performance

Health and wellbeing are essential for employees as well as leaders. With the power of decision-making comes great responsibility. That’s why it’s crucial that leaders are equipped with the tools and resources to take better care of themselves. The impact of good health will reflect on their performance, while also empowering them to nurture their team. 

Publicis Groupe: Leading Through Self-AwarenessEmotions

Taking care of the health and wellbeing of your team provides you with a competitive advantage. When you and your team perform well, the entire organization thrives. As a leader, you can unlock the power of biology for better wellbeing and ensure you and your team are equipped with resources to stay healthy, physically and mentally.

Finding the Balance with Gradual Interventions

Life happens even when we are hunched over at our desks. Work and life are not separate entities. Instead of trying to strike a balancing act, the need of the hour is to harmonise work and life so that wellbeing takes precedence organically.
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