Crompton: Unlocking The Biological Potential For Better Performance

The ambit of health and wellbeing has expanded to include work productivity and work-life balance—two nuances that corporates today value in their workforce more than ever before. A fast-paced life, filled with stress and work commitments, puts physical as well as mental strain on employees. The secret to overcoming this stress and unlocking potential lies in human biology—unlocking which can grant professionals a chance to lead a healthier, more productive life.  

In 2021, Human Edge undertook a 100 day program at Crompton India to help company leaders improve their wellbeing. The aim was to help them lead a healthier life—where they could optimize their diet, physical activity, environment, mental health, and recovery. 


The 100 day program included 42 leaders, guided by Edge Expert Dr. Marcus Ranney. During the program, the group were taught how to:

  1. Focus on hydration and nutrition in the right way
  2. Include more movement into their day
  3. How to help their body recover properly by imbibing good sleep habits 
  4. Combat stress in an efficient manner 
  5. How to practice gratitude and empathy

Customized bio-hacks for each of these pillars were utilized to help the cohort make gradual changes in their lifestyle.

The Human Edge Solution

The program was spread across nine stages that began with a pre-program assessment and ended with post-intervention diagnostics and impact report. Knowledge building, community building, leveraging content assets to create pathways for behavior change, and celebrating wins and problem-solving for challenges were a few components of the program that was built on the Edge Pillars.

  1. The first step was to assess the current health and wellbeing of the leaders based on the five Edge Pillars. On the basis of this foundational diagnostic test, individual scorecards for the leaders as well as a summary report on the well-being of the cohort was generated. 
  2. Based on the results, virtual sessions were conducted with the leaders to help them understand the arenas on which they needed to focus on the most. Individualized bio-hacks were shared with the leaders along with guidance on how to utilize them in their day to day life.
  3. Human Edge built a WhatsApp community for the leaders to share insights from their journey in real time. This was followed by disseminating supplemental information and facilitating a “Reflection Circle” where wins were celebrated, and the leaders were counseled to overcome challenges.

The last phase of the study featured a post-program diagnostic assessment and generating an impact report that measured progress of the cohort. 

Insight and Results

There was an overall shift in the Employee Wellness Score of the cohort that increased from 58% pre-program to 75% after it. Specifically, participants reported a 20% increase in their daily movement and a 22% increase in the quality and quantity of their sleep. 

In a span of just 100 days, through personalized science-backed interventions, Human Edge was able to boost employee well-being at Crompton by 17%. To boost the well-being of your workforce with tailor-made biohacks, write to us at  

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