Publicis Sapient: Building A Culture Of Mental Well-Being

A seven month program at Publicis Sapient resulted in a drastic improvement in their mental health and well being...
Human Edge Publicis Sapient Case Study

On an average, people spend 90,000 hours at work in their lifetimes. Studies equate this number to one-third of their lives. So to say that professionals must learn to keep their work and private lives separate just implies how much we undermine the effect the workplace environment has on a person’s well-being, particularly mental health. 

In 2021, Human Edge embarked on a journey to build a mental health inclusive workplace at Publicis Sapient India, by nurturing its leaders to become Mental Wellbeing ambassadors for the organization’s many offices across India. Through the course of seven months, Edge Experts equipped participants with the necessary skills to address mental health and emotional wellness challenges of their team members. 


The seven-month program conducted by Human Edge—which was divided into two phases and saw the participation of 38 leaders from Publicis Sapient—was aimed at laying the foundation of mental wellbeing at the digital transformation enterprise’s India office. Edge experts, Dr Marcus Ranney and Shanky Kumar deployed three-pronged approach that:

  1. Trained Mental Wellbeing ambassadors or “Mind Mitras” at Publicis Sapient, thus nurturing an internal capacity at the organization for dealing with mental and emotional challenges that might plague employees.
  2. Equipped these ambassadors with tools that helped them triage the battery of challenges discussed with them and direct the employees to the right mental health resources.
  3. Created awareness within the organization on the importance of mental well-being at the workplace, while also building an environment of mental health inclusivity

The Human Edge Solution

Human Edge devised varies stages of levelling up the mental well-being quotient at Publicis Sapient. Each stage was led by the Edge Experts helming the program, and saw over 90% attendance by the participants in both phases.

Stage 1: Virtual Sessions
These sessions were aimed at disseminating knowledge and creating awareness about the importance of a mental health inclusive workplace.

Stage 2: Bio-hacks
Proprietary bio-hacks developed by the Edge Experts were put into use to help the Mind Mitras build essential skills and knowledge.

Stage 3: Roleplays
Real-time simulations and roleplays, under the supervision of the Edge Experts were carried out with the purpose of guiding the ambassadors in the right direction.

Stage 4: Quiz
The progress of the Mind Mitras were tracked using a quiz, which assessed their knowledge assimilation. The Mental Well-Being Ambassadors were also given guides for post-program sustainability and felicitated for their participation, with a completion certificate. 

Insights and Results

Through the two phases of engagement with Publicis Sapient, attendance was over 90%. By the end of phase 2, participants reported 90% effectiveness of the sessions. Through post program data collection, we have been able to ascertain 96% levelling up of well-being at Publicis Sapient. To build a culture of mental well-being at your organisation, write to us at  

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