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Health and wellbeing are essential for employees as well as leaders. With the power of decision-making comes great responsibility. That’s why it’s crucial that leaders are equipped with the tools and resources to take better care of themselves. The impact of good health will reflect on their performance, while also empowering them to nurture their team. 

In 2021, Human Edge embarked on a health and wellbeing journey with GSK, USA. The goal was to nurture its leaders to make gradual changes and unlock the power of their biology. Through the course of the program, participants at the multinational pharmaceutical company were equipped with the necessary tools to improve their personal health journey.

Post-Program Wellbeing

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Overall Program Impact
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Average Impact on Fueling Choices
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Average Impact on Sleep Duration


The six-month program was divided into two phases, and saw the participation of 65 leaders from GSK, USA. Both Virtual and in-person workshops were conducted at the GSK office in the   US during the program under the guidance of Edge Expert Dr. Marcus Ranney.

Edge Theme

Fueling Right



Environment & Behaviour


The Human Edge Solution

The program consisted of in-person live workshops, 1:1 sessions as well as science-based workshops that set the foundation for the participants. They were also provided with content assets as pathways to behavioural change, and Edge Mailers acted as weekly nudges.
  1. In both phases, the program began with a workshop. While in the first phase, the workshops were conducted virtually, Human Edge conducted in-person workshops in the second phase of the program.

  2. As a foundational diagnostic, a pre-assessment was carried out based on which scorecards and summary reports were generated. Participants were given individual assessment results as well as cohort-specific summary reports.

  3. This was followed by a virtual session in which participants were provided with knowledge and awareness of their health and wellbeing. Group discussions were held in the US office of GSK for in-person knowledge dissemination and awareness.

  4. To work towards personalised goals in phase 2 of the program, 1:1 sessions were conducted with the Edge Coach. Prior to this, the participants were encouraged to make use of content assets and Edge emailers to keep following their prescribed interventions.

  5. A post-assessment of the behavioural changes was conducted to understand the impact of the interventions. The assessment results served as a post-intervention diagnostic. This was followed by an impact report that tracked and measured the progress of the participants. 

Insights and Results

The participants recorded the 27% average positive impact on each pillar of health. The average cohort-level impact through the program came out to be +17%. More than 65% of participants said they would recommend the program. Human Edge received an average of 4.5 rating on the program. 


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