JP Morgan: Achieving Competitive Advantage with Employee Wellbeing

Organisations worldwide are focusing on harnessing the maximum potential of their workforce. One way of doing this is taking collective action toward the health and wellbeing of employees. Taking care of the health and wellbeing of employees has a competitive advantage – companies with healthy employees are productive and achieve peak performance faster than those who don’t. 

In 2021-22, Human Edge collaborated with JP Morgan to help their employees obtain a competitive advantage of wellbeing through three Edge Sessions. Designed for an organisation-wide cohort, the sessions were held virtually and focused on biohacking one’s way to transition towards the back-to-office phase and develop resilience while battling Covid fatigue.

Post-Program Wellbeing

15 %
Session 1 Attendance Rate
10 %
Session 2 Attendance Rate
18 %
Session 2 Attendance Rate
18 %
0 %
Session 1 Attendance Rate
0 %
Session 2 Attendance Rate
0 %
Session 2 Attendance Rate


The sessions focused on Edge themes that aimed to empower the participants to build high performance through consistency. Through the use of biohacks, the participants were encouraged to make gradual changes, practice mindfulness and slowly adapt to the challenges that going back to work after the lockdown brings. 

Edge Theme

Biohack Your Way To Be The Best Version

Returning Back To Work

Resilience During Covid Fatigue

The Human Edge Solution

The three virtual sessions were built around the Edge themes and focused on introducing biohacks that could help them achieve their best version. Each of these sessions had sub-themes and was fueled with activities, reflection circles, and live polls to actively engage with the participants.

Session 1: Biohack Your Way To Be The Best Version

The session focused on enabling the participants to make gradual changes to biohack their way toward sustainable habits. Participants were encouraged to get on the self-care wagon and move towards work-life harmony. Managing difficult emotions was also one of the sub-themes for the session. 


Session 2: Returning Back to Work

The goal of this session was to empower participants to mindfully navigate the challenges that going back to work might have brought after prolonged Work From Home (WFH) mode. The session aimed to help participants build resilience, navigate stress and prioritise self-care. 


Session 3: Resilience During Covid Fatigue

The session focused on fueling the right way to build resilience, develop antifragility, and redefine relationships. Participants worked on accepting and adapting to changes brought about by the “new normal” with resilience instead of panic and anxiety. 


Insights and Results

The virtual sessions recorded high engagement from participants at JP Morgan. All through the three sessions, participants recorded an attendance rate of above 60%. The session on biohacking saw an attendance rate of 74%, the highest of all sessions. 


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