Learning Journey Old


Come onboard as partners to provide ideas, data, and recommendations to transform the organisational culture

Solution mindset to solve problems & challenges that bring about positive results for the workforce and business


Assessments for an effective diagnosis on current habits and behaviours with an overall ``Edge Score``

Edge assessment (~50 questions) for a holistic understanding and shorter curated assessments are available to target specific challenges & groups

Each individual receives their ``Level`` in the form of an overall result from participating in the assessment

Data dissected across brands, business units, genders, age groups, locations, etc.

Individual Scorecards also available for leaders to get an in depth understanding of their current ``Edge Score``

Defining individual and cohort level goals with this stage

Demo Assessment


Evidence based interventions by experts delivered digitally or via high touch offline experiences

Globally renowned facilitators who have mastered content

Curated content to fit the needs of audience types across the organisational structure

Empathetic, mindful, engaging, and interactive delivery to foster learning


Creating lasting impact with empowering rich media

Keeping participants super charged with our engagement & adoption strategies

Moving towards sustainable changes and culture by focussing on storytelling, engaging formats, science, and data

Demo Edge Video Demo Edge Biohack Card


Pre Intervention Diagnostic is repeated to measure impact of the program

Individuals get their various ``Levels`` after the program

Final report is generated for the organisation to measure ROI with Post Program ``Edge Score``

Data is dissected as per brands, business units, and other demographics, etc.

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