Personalised Health +Wellbeing, For Your People

Team up with MITO—a personalised wellbeing app—that simplifies health to help your people understand their own body and mind better. 


Each day, MITO helps them tackle their daily challenges and build inner momentum—at work, home and play.

Optimise Your Routine With MITO

With MITO by your side, you can sync your daily routine with your body’s circadian clock. From the moment you wake up, until you fall asleep—MITO will suggest biohacks that are unique to you to stay focused, energised, and productive.

How Does MITO Work?

The MITO Approach To Simplified Health

Optimised health+wellbeing is the secret to great performance. MITO uses biology and technology to help your people understand their mind and body better, every day.


Technology and coaching come together for easy adoption and high engagement

Your Data Is Safe With Us

At Human Edge, we keep your personally-identifiable information (PII) 100% secure. We encrypt sensitive information to limit access, protecting it against any data breaches

Ready to build



Grounding of science–how it comes from science for you

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