MoetHennessy:Establishing Mind Mitras for Mental Wellbeing

Mental health at the workplace is an important aspect of organisational wellbeing. Employee wellbeing relies on nurturing an environment where employees feel safe, seen and heard while sharing their mental health struggles. Inclusivity in the workplace becomes a reality when a supportive environment is created.

With that as the goal, Human Edge embarked on a journey to lay the foundation of mental wellbeing at MoetHennessy, APAC region, in 2021. The program was designed to enable Human Resource personnel and employees to move towards building and nurturing a mental health-inclusive workplace. The focus was on equipping and supporting Mental Health Ambassadors with the right resources to help employees be their best selves at work. 

Post-Program Wellbeing

15 %
Average Session Attendance
10 %
Average Quiz Completion Rate
18 %
18 %
0 %
Average Session Attendance
0 %
Average Quiz Completion Rate
0 %


The three-month program was designed for HR leaders with a cohort size of 23. Edge Experts Dr Marcus Ranney and Shanky Kumar applied a three-pronged approach to facilitate mental health wellbeing at the leadership and organisational level. This included introducing the concept of Mind Mitra and inculcating the ability to Triage, not treat.

Edge Theme

Building an internal capacity of the Mind Mitra at MoetHennessy

Equipping the Mind Mitra with the ability to TRIAGE, not treat

Raising awareness on the importance of mental wellbeing at the organisation

The Human Edge Solution

The 3-month program aimed to lay the foundation of mental wellbeing at MoetHennessy. Human Edge developed various stages of creating a culture of mental wellbeing for employees. Each stage was led by Edge Experts who oversaw the levelling-up of mental wellbeing quotient at the HR leadership cohort level.


Stage 1: Virtual Sessions

Virtual sessions were conducted for knowledge and awareness on mental wellbeing. These sessions served as an introduction to the importance of a mental wellbeing inclusive workplace for individual and organisational performance.

Stage 2: Biohacks

The participants were recommended suitable biohacks to take better care of their minds. They were also provided with content assets to make these small lifestyle changes for optimum wellbeing. These biohacks were action-oriented to bring about necessary changes and become Mind Mitras.

Stage 3: Roleplays

Under the supervision of Edge Experts, real-time simulations and roleplays were carried out to equip Mind Mitras with the necessary skills that would make them Mental Health Ambassadors. 

Stage 4: Quiz and Certificate

To assess their skills, the Mind Mitras were given a quiz. The goal was to track their progress during the course of the program. For post-program sustainability of what they learned, the Mind Mitras were given guides and felicitated with a completion certificate. 

Insights and Results

The Mind Mitras recorded high engagement rates. The average session attendance rate was 80% all through the session. They also recorded a 100% quiz completion rate, thus successfully completing the program as Mental Wellbeing Ambassadors.


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