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Taking care of the health and wellbeing of your team provides you with a competitive advantage. When you and your team perform well, the entire organization thrives. As a leader, you can unlock the power of biology for better wellbeing and ensure you and your team are equipped with resources to stay healthy, physically and mentally.

In 2022, Human Edge partnered with Publicis Groupe to help further its goal of health and wellbeing through interventional changes. The program aimed to introduce actionable interventions for the wellbeing of leaders, sustaining energy for optimised performance, and leading the self and others better.

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The four-month-long program was undertaken for the leadership at Publicis Group with a cohort size of 21. Under the mentorship of Edge Experts Dr. Marcus Ranney and Shayamal Vallabhjee, the participants embarked on a journey of wellbeing at work through lifestyle interventions. 

Edge Themes

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The Human Edge Solution

Through in-person and virtual sessions, the program enabled the participants to sustain their energy so that they could be better leaders. The program included a pre-assessment, summary reports, virtual sessions, post-assessment, and impact reports.
  1. The Edge Experts conducted a live workshop to introduce a foundational perspective on the program. The science-based workshop explained the science behind what Human Edge does.
  2. A pre-assessment was carried out to understand leaders’ habits, patterns, and behaviours. The assessment served as the foundational diagnostic to gain insights into individual characteristics and challenges.
  3. Based on the assessment, scorecards were generated. They featured individual scores from pre-assessment highlighting the strengths and challenges of the leadership cohort. A summary report was generated with cohort assessment results.
  4. Thereafter, virtual sessions were carried out with Edge Experts for knowledge and awareness building. For community building, Human Edge created an iMessage channel. Further, one-on-one sessions were conducted with the participants to work towards their personalised goals. An experiential in-person session was also conducted in Darjeeling that served as a reflective session for the participants.
  5. Lastly, a post-assessment was conducted to understand the transformation brought about by prescribed lifestyle interventions. It provided the participants with a diagnosis post the interventions they incorporated into their lifestyles. This was followed by an impact report that measured the progress of participants. 

Insight and Results

The participants reported +8 to +17% enhancement on each Edge Pillar of Health. Throughout the program, the participants worked on the key challenging areas, including sleep, movement, recovery treatments, and relaxation techniques, and undertook active steps for the same. 


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