Enhancing Workforce Longevity A developmental approach; from self-care and performance towards longevity
Limitless Evolution Bringing vitality and life into your organisational DNA 360 Degree Approach to Growth Shaping the new dimensions of leadership

Equipping the New Age Leaders & Workforce

At Human Edge, we modify your enterprise’s outlook by empowering your powerhouse - the workforce

Digital & Shared Experiences

Transforming employee experience to create a lasting impact

Data Led

Bridging the gap between people and data to help you take better decisions about your workforce for optimum performance

Biohack Prescriptions

Simple tips rooted in science to help you break old patterns and form new habits

Attain your Human Edge

Our Founder and Your Champion of Wellbeing on how to transform your life experience and obtain your competitive EDGE.

Longevity of Leadership

Creating a legacy with an increased sense of permanence, durability, and performance

Longevity of Workforce

Extending the workforce’s career span through augmented engagement, productivity, and happiness

Longevity of Life

Hacking the longevity code

The Edge Learning Journey

The bedrock of our product suite - 5 stages of our learning journey where each stage is also available as a separate offering.


A simple & effective tool to screen and provide a benchmark for current habits, identify challenges and strengths to generate your organisation’s longevity index


Evidence based interventions by experts delivered digitally or via high touch offline experiences


Driving sustainable behavior change via engaging and empowering rich media content, rooted in science


Data centric approach towards quantifying change and delivering ROI for leadership

Impact Numbers


Program Recommendation

Recommendation score for program interventions


Approval Rating

Approval rating across 6-month programs


Session Recommendation

Would recommend Edge live sessions to others


Improving Sleep

Commitment towards hacks to enhance sleep


Leading Self & Others

Improvement in taking better care of self & others


Shifting Mindsets

Rise in mindset shifts due to a focus on physical & mental wellbeing

Happy Customers

"Firstly, Dr Marcus brings in unmatched credibility and authenticity with his very unique credentials of actually having worked under very diverse set of physiologically challenging and extreme conditions. Coupled with their depth of knowledge, structured approach to applying it to daily bite sized pieces and a very strong positive and inspiring outlook is what really worked for us".

Anupriya Acharya

CEO, Publicis Groupe, South Asia
Ajith Thomas

"It was a great experience for us at udaan to partner with Dr. Marcus and Humanedge to build awareness and calability in our people on two very important topics - Selfcare and Teamcare. We found the content and workshop engaging, informative and more importantly it inspired many of us to take small but effective steps in the right direction".

Ajith Thomas

HR Lead, Udaan

“We are thrilled to be working with the Human Edge. Our tailored program is delivering a lot of smart, fact-based, and practical hacks that are helping our staff. The content is rich in insights and quickly applicable ideas, which individuals can tailor to their own goal and needs. Dr. Marcus Ranney is amazing with his guidance, insights, and energy.“

Kent Wertime

Chief Executive, Ogilvy Asia

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